What Tea does the Queen of England Drink?

What we know

But she does like a slice of toast or two with some marmalade or marmite. She’s quite partial to some yogurt using a bit of fruit, too. A bowl of porridge goes down well. Also, she likes Cumberland sausages with some scrambled egg on the side — although she sometimes over does it on the creme Fraiche, which can make the egg a little bland. The Queen goes for an earl grey in the afternoons, but in the mornings she likes to freshen things up with a Japanese green tea. Sometimes, however, she’ll have a first flush Darjeeling, depending on her mood and the time of year. Importantly, teas are brewed according to a strict and regulated procedure that ensures no stewing; the Queen can’t stand a stewed tea. She is been known to get quite upset about it. Chocolate digestives go down well.

What we think we know

Early afternoon, and when there aren’t any pressing engagements, the Queen might take the edge off with a good gin, ice, and lemon using a dash of Angostura or orange bitters. Or even Dubonnet, which gives a lovely spicy and aromatic finish. This is where strong cheeses come on their own, as well as the Queen knows as well as anyone that a handsome blue-veined Stilton, or even a two-year cheddar, will play nicely with an afternoon gin.

What we do not know

Tea and tipples are one thing, however, when it comes to late night snacks, we are really in the dark. Even though eating late in the evening recently has been shown to be detrimental for burning fat, rumors about the Queen speak of midnight cream truffles, but this seems unlikely since we know the Queen’s sweet tooth is pretty much limited to a small handful of fruit confit during the daytime, and one or two sours around tea. Nevertheless, the long-held suspicion remains the Queen has a penchant for witching hour bourbon amarettos and, let us face it, who could blame her?

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